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Self Assurance Report
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   Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission
Jun 19, 2007 at 01:34 PM


Rmutto is a leading university in professional and vocational education, developing quality human resources, upon the basis of science and technology, to meet the international standards and to increase the competitive capability leading to the development of better community economy and quality of life.


Providing quality professional and vocational education at undergraduate and graduate levels upon the basis of science and technology.
Giving opportunity to public in receiving education in science and technology.
Conducting research and innovation, upon science and technology basis, and transferring to industrial production leading to Thailand’s higher revenue.
Giving academic service to public to support entrepreneurship and better competitive capability.
Preserving the religion, culture and arts of Thailand as well as conserving the environment.

Our Goal

"Center of Regional Technological Wisdom for Community and Economy Development."

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